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That Little Girl
Hi there !

It has been ages since the last time I manage to log in into this account. I literally took an hour to sign in and updating this piece of junk again.

Nothing new about me, still me, with the same fafe and name but I come up with a brand new attitude. Enough about me, im going to write about a girl. A girl with no name but a fame story.

There's a girl, who name should be unknown, living her life accordingly and peacefully.
the story began with a boy who came and took away the peace in her life.
It was a resistable charm and none could denied it. She was furious, anger, and happy. Indeed, a happy life only exist in fairytales. Often a question running through her beautiful mind, can a boy be a man who makes her into a woman she desire?

Day by day passed, and she still at the same spot, hoping and longing for a man she need until she realize, behind a man, stands a woman . Rooting her feet on the ground,  convey everything she could and became a woman and without knowing, the boy she love gradually became a man. She never knew he was a man because she was busy being a little girl. That little girl.

Life is a journey, make the most of it.

Mira Mirr,

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