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This past few weeks i have been into this world of fairy tale , where as there is no tears no more old memories, the only thing there was us. you gave me so much joy until i tend to forget who you used to be and who you are now. We laugh we get through our day like nothing can come between us, until today, i came to realize that you are only my dream. you are someone that i only can grab within this thin air. it was so impossible but yet i take the risk holding on to us. you may not realize but you are the world to me but now, i can see how will my world tear apart again. Im sorry i've loved you again, im sorry for holding on, im sorry i don't protect our friendship. i wish you can be happy again with the one you love. she deserve you more than i do. she loves you and i know, she can make you happy more than i do. she can tell the world how much she loves you, but i cant. you know i she is here for you, i dont see why i should stay. im sorry, i wish i can be tougher than this.

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