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That Little Girl
Hi there !

It has been ages since the last time I manage to log in into this account. I literally took an hour to sign in and updating this piece of junk again.

Nothing new about me, still me, with the same fafe and name but I come up with a brand new attitude. Enough about me, im going to write about a girl. A girl with no name but a fame story.

There's a girl, who name should be unknown, living her life accordingly and peacefully.
the story began with a boy who came and took away the peace in her life.
It was a resistable charm and none could denied it. She was furious, anger, and happy. Indeed, a happy life only exist in fairytales. Often a question running through her beautiful mind, can a boy be a man who makes her into a woman she desire?

Day by day passed, and she still at the same spot, hoping and longing for a man she need until she realize, behind a man, stands a woman . Rooting her feet on the ground,  convey everything she could and became a woman and without knowing, the boy she love gradually became a man. She never knew he was a man because she was busy being a little girl. That little girl.

Life is a journey, make the most of it.

Mira Mirr,

Ice Rink Sunway Pyramid

Hi !

Aktiviti hari ini sangat best sebab dapat pegi ice rink! yeay! rindu gila nak skate ala ala Kim Yuna tu *uhuk*
Selfie dulu sebelum start journey to Sunway!

lagipun our abg Yoi bawak future gf die la kot. hehe. Comel jugak Aida tu. kecik je orangnya, lagi kecik dari badak ku rasenya. so firstly memang ajar Yoi dengan Aida macam mana nak skate la, berapa kali jatuh I dont count it sbb biasa la, first time skate sape yg boleh slide mcm tu je unless dh pandai skate gune rollerblade tu. Aku dengan atyn la ajar dorang, then let the couple stand on their own.hehe. 

ala la sweet laa ni main ice rink together, aww~~

Lepas puas aku main pusing break pusing break, snapping time! tapi kena usha ice police tu dulu, kalau tak nanti dia marah, yela no camera allowed :P 

Penat ber skating, makan time! of course abg yoi belanja sbb dia ajak kami teman. Nak makan korean food tapi aku dengan atyn je makan, dorang taktau la kan so we just end up at Pizza Hut.while waiting for our santapan, kami selfie lg. ohh banyak sgt selfie harini. Nk masuk insta katanya. 

Habis makan, I think about Anep and beli die Famos Amos.  tapi sedih tak dapat nak bagi atas sebab sebab tertentu. luls, I makan sorang lahh benda ni :D

sekarang dah penat, so nak berhentabi menaip dulu. babai~

Mira Mirr,
10 April 2014.

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